& Day Care


We have a secure garden with 6 foot fencing around all perimeters at the rear of the property.

we have added enhanced CCTV around the property and have recently added a new garden extension play area for the sole purpose of the dogs 

No unsupervised play at the front of the house.


All dogs sleep inside the home


We have access to Stalybridge Country Park including Millbrook Dam straight from our back garden.


Your Dog will be exercised twice daily in this area.


Exercise is on lead exercise - off lead is only in a secure area if a consent form has been signed.

one of many walks to choose from

area at rear of property that we walk dogs

Health & Hygeine

Our own dog is fully vaccinated including Kennel Cough Vaccination.

We welcome all dogs that are also fully vaccinated.

A copy of your vaccination record will need to be seen prior to your dog coming to visit.

We do ask that you provide your own pet food, treats , dishes and bedding